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 簡介 – Digital Bitbox Background 


Digital Bitbox - Logo

Digital Bitbox 是產自瑞士 is a genuine Swiss Made, certified and engineered by a team of experts。 Digital Bitbox 是第一個Shift Devices研發的硬件錢包,Shift Devices 是ETH Zurich 分公司,由一班擁有資深電腦技術背景團隊組成,其中始創人Dr. Douglas J. Bakkum 擁有博士學歷主要研究生物及機械工程 ,另外一位始創人是Jonas Schnelli(比特幣 主要開發者)。二位都是有相當份量的電腦技術人員。

Digital Bitbox is the first product of Shift Devices is a spin-off company of BEL and was founded October 30th, 2015 in Basel by BEL collaborator Dr. Douglas J. Bakkum and the entrepreneur Jonas Schnelli (Bitcoin Core Developer)

Digital Bitbox 擁有簡約耐用及方便的設計,直接插入USB就能立即使用。Digital Bitbox 是一款使用起來超級安全簡單的比特幣硬件錢包,具有絕對安全和隱私保護,可以放心儲放及使用你的加密貨幣。

The first product is the Digital Bitbox, which is a minimalist hardware wallet in a durable and portable case that is inserted into a USB port.This is a super simple secure and sturdy bitcoin hardware wallet packed with security and privacy. Safely hold and spend your coins with peace of mind。


Digital Bitbox

Digital Bitbox




Digital Bitbox 暫時能支持儲放什麼加密貨幣 – What coins are currently supported in the Digital Bitbox ?

  • 比特幣 Bitcoin (BTC)

  • 比特幣現金 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  • 以太幣 Ether (ETH)

  • ERC20 Tokens

  • 以太經典 Ethereum Classic (ETC)

特點 – Characteristics

瑞士理想 – Swiss ideals

  • 質量保證,保護私隱,沒有後門 – Quality, privacy, no backdoors

離線支持 & 只需要使用 Micro SD卡備份及恢復 – Offline and anytime backup and recovery with a micro SD card

  • 隨時轉換不同錢包 – Switch between different wallets in a snap

  • 私鑰永不會接觸電腦 或 互聯網 – Private keys never touch your computer or the internet – Learn more

提供簡單易用軟件程式 – Native software app that is simple to use

  • 避免使用瀏覽器插件帶來的安全風險 – Avoids security risks of browser-based extensions – Take a tour

開源程式碼 – Open source

  • 所有程式碼 – 韌體,啟動程序,桌面及手機程式 – All code – firmware, bootloader, desktop and mobile apps

  • Signed, deterministic builds – audit, build, and load official firmware yourself (optional)

簡約設計 – Minimalist design

  • 安全簡單 – 做好必要的事情 – Security in simplicity – do what’s necessary and do it well

  • Subtle case avoids unwanted attention

安全硬件 – Safe hardware

  • 便攜式耐用,環氧樹脂填充的外殼與防彈玻璃相同的材料製成 – Portable and durable, epoxy-filled case made from the same material used in bullet-proof glass

  • 私鑰儲放在高安全性芯片上,防止直接取出(支持長達50年) – Private keys kept on a high-security chip that prevents physical extraction (50 year lifespan)

  • (一件裝)不用電線 或 電池 – One piece – no cables or batteries

FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) device

  • 同時與硬件錢包無縫連接 – Works seamlessly in parallel to the hardware wallet

  • 不用額外設定需要 – No additional setup required

Plausible deniability

  • 使用備用密碼進入隱藏錢包 – Secondary password accesses a hidden wallet

  • 使用錯誤密碼登入會創建新錢包並保存現有錢包 – A wrong password for a backup creates a different wallet

智能驗證 & 雙重認證 – Smart verification and two-factor authentication (optional)

  • iOS and Android apps

兼容 Tor and Tails OS compatible (optional)

多重簽名認證 – Multi-signature out-of-the-box (optional)

  • 不需要註冊 – No registration required

  • 快 及 設定簡單 – Quick and simple setup

Official Website 官方網址


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